System admins, network admins, cloud techs, security folks: ITProTV wants to sponsor your meet-up. It’s easy, it’s fun, and… did we mention the free pizza?

What you get:

You'll receive this awesome kit for your meet-up that contains:

  • Gift card for food, drinks, and dessert for your group (e.g. Domino’s, Pizza Hut, etc.)

  • Cool ITProTV swag — t-shirts, posters, laptop stickers, pop sockets and more for your attendees

  • Cards for 30 days of free access to ITProTV for all attendees

  • The opportunity to raffle off a Premium Annual ITProTV Membership

  • Signage and photo props

  • A 2-minute video to play at your meeting

  • Social hashtags to use when you post about your meeting

What you do:

Group Members: Take us to your leader! Share this page with the leader of your meet-up group.  

Group Leaders: Register using the form on this page. Make sure to register using an email address you check often. Once you get a confirmation from us, you should:

  • Mention/hashtag/link to ITProTV on every post/announcement about your meeting on social media, your website, etc.

  • Follow the instructions in your meet-up kit

  • Take pictures of your meet up and post them on social media using the supplied hashtags

    • Picture of the signage showing the ITProTV logo

    • Picture of the full room

    • Picture of the person who won the Premium Annual ITProTV Membership

  • Send us the name and email address of the winner of the Premium Annual ITProTV Membership, along with a photo of them for posting on ITProTV social channels! 

  • Have a great meet-up!

Send your request in today.

*Note: Maximum value of refreshments gift card is $75. Due to shipping restrictions, we are currently only able to sponsor meet-ups in the following countries: US, UK, and Canada.

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